The Commerce of Things Gold Rush

A checklist for monetizing the IoT for profit

Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT) by infusing value into a connected device through recurring services—also known as the Commerce of Things (CoT)—is where the real gold mine of revenue exists. It is also where the real challenges exist for businesses facing the rapidly changing ecommerce landscape.

“Without a business plan based on the monetization of the IoT all you have is a gadget with a short shelf life and lots of competition. What starts as the absence of connectivity can quickly fall victim to the ‘Abandonment of Things’—the land where smart devices that were not monetized properly go to die.”

– Gold Rush: Staking your claim in the Commerce of Things, Digital River white paper

Download our checklist to evaluate your CoT business strategy and prepare for the next evolution of ecommerce.

Download the checklist




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