Web Analytics 201 – Data You Can Trust

May 15 at 11:00 CDT | 4:00 PM GMT

In web analytics, validating that you have data that you can trust is vital.  But what are the key steps to establishing deserved confidence in your reports? Join us for Web Analytics 201, the next webinar in our web analytics series, which will feature tools, techniques, and processes to audit, validate and monitor your data quality. 

Join us May 15 for Web Analytics 201, to learn:

  • How web activity turns into Google Analytics and Site Catalyst Reports
  • Tools to understand the connection
  • Techniques to clean and validate your data
  • Processes to build confidence in your data and quickly identify problems
  • How to customize data collection to your needs
  • High value data you should look for, or start collecting

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Eric Lanser bio photo

Eric Lanser, Analytics Program Manager, Digital River, Inc.

A specialist in web analytics for Digital River's interactive agency, marketForce, Eric brings over eight years of e-marketing expertise and insights to Digital River clients including Kodak, Nuance and Microsoft.

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