Are You Ready
for GDPR?

14 steps you can take to ensure GDPR readiness.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will not only change the way consumer data is handled; it will change the way business is conducted around the world. And if you're not fully prepared for the new regulations by May of 2018, your business could be in for a rude awakening. 

To help your business understand the impacts of GDPR and what you can do to prepare, we've enlisted the help of Christopher Rence, Chief Information, Data, Security and Risk Officer, Thomas Hamilton, VP of Compliance, Dr. Kerstin Lienemann, Director of Legal EMEA, at Digital River. 

View the on-demand webinar now! You'll walk away from the presentation prepared to safeguard your business with actionable steps such as: 

  • Complete an internal risk assessment
  • Request multiple conversations with executive leadership and provide recommendations
  • Outline each obligation that applies to you
  • Review basic privacy principles and determine if any internal practices need to change
  • Document the lawful basis for each processing activity

Christopher Rence, Chief Information, Data, Security and Risk Officer
Thomas Hamilton, VP of Compliance
Dr. Kerstin Lienemann, Director of Legal EMEA