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A channel partner e-commerce solution from Digital River.

Are you settling for a fraction of the information you need to successfully manage your resellers and distributors?  Do your separate and out-of-sync ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and in-house systems make administration a burden? Are you unable to get to the deep data you need to rapidly generate revenue growth?   If so, you need smartChannelSM, the revolutionary channel partner e-commerce solution from Digital River.

smartChannel, our breakthrough order lifecycle and partner management platform, enables technology companies  to better manage even the most complex channel partner ecosystem.  This single platform replaces the separate and out-of-sync ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and in-house systems that burden your staff and frustrate your resellers, distributors, and end customers. 

  • Dramatically Simplify a Complex Order Lifecycle.  Today, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, and remittance shuffle back and forth, and tracking order status is painful and expensive for everyone involved.  With smartChannel's automation tools, the cycle time from order to revenue recognition and cash receipt is fast, consistent, and reliable. 
  • Automate Compensation and Commissions. If it’s your job to manage the compensation for your resellers and distributors, you know how inefficient and manual the process can be.  Multiple partner types, varying levels of compensation, countless incentive models, numerous foreign currencies – it can be a nightmare. smartChannel automates even the most complex incentive programs – removing the cumbersome processes that can tie up your staff.  Even more, smartChannel can make the payments for you – depositing the cash directly into your partners’ bank account.
  • Grow Channel Revenue. The complexity of administration and the effort it takes to get partners to adopt new programs almost always stifle attempts to innovate your channel and increase your partners’ revenue contribution.  smartChannel changes that. Introduce targeted changes that increase sales with simple adjustments based on real-time performance data.  Enable your partners to execute digital marketing campaigns that enforce brand consistency and reward partners for revenue results.
  • Drive Partner Adoption. Most resellers and distributors are skeptical of any change that might endanger the relationships they’ve worked hard to build with your end-customers.  smartChannel's analytics give partners confidence and security with real time visibility into core business data – what did my customer order, when was it fulfilled, what’s my commission, and ultimately:  how am I performing? – all in real time.
  • Reveal Valuable Business Intelligence. There is a lot of untapped value in the order and program data you process every day.  With a built-in, comprehensive dashboard of fully customizable reports, you can make fast decisions based on channel performance by transaction, product, individual partner or partner segment, and geographic market. Manage, evaluate, and nurture your relationships for maximum ROI and performance. 
  • Leverage Cost-effective Integration to your Existing Systems. From financial reporting and reconciliation to relationship management, your ERP, CRM, and in-house systems still play an essential role in managing your channel business.  Integrate smartChannel with your current systems via the more than 300 web-service-based APIs and a host of configurable data and process integration tools.  

Engage more partners, dive into real-time analytics, and sharpen your competitive edge with smartChannel. For more information or to set up an online demo of smartChannel , contact Digital River today.

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