Gold Rush

Staking your claim in the Commerce of Things

Tap into a veritable gold rush of revenue

New research indicates that by the end of 2020 there will be a projected installed base of 24 billion IoT devices worldwide. 11.2 billion of these devices will be in enterprise settings, 7.7 billion in government settings and 5 billion in consumer settings.

While this forecast certainly has a unique sci-fi factor, businesses around the world are just beginning to delve into the possibilities for monetizing these connected devices in what is being termed the Commerce of Things (CoT) — the more lucrative and fascinating aspect of IoT.

To ensure our customers are preparing for the next evolution in ecommerce, Digital River is getting ahead of the curve by evaluating the ways businesses in a variety of industries are interacting with their consumers, monetizing their products and services, managing their ecommerce supply chain infrastructures and preparing for increasingly complex regulatory considerations. Those who do it right will be ready to stake their claim in the Commerce of Things and tap into a veritable gold rush of revenue.

Download our white paper and learn how many brands are creating a business strategy around monetizing the IoT for profit and being stake holders in the commerce of things gold rush.

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