Nurture Channel Partner Loyalty to Succeed in the Digital Age

How Modern, Integrated Partner Tools Can Help

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Nurture Channel Partner Loyalty to Succeed in the Digital Age

New research from Digital River, conducted by Forrester Consulting, shows that success of digital B2B companies depends on a modern technology ecosystem to drive channel partner loyalty. In a post-digital transformation era, the channel ecosystem is more complex than ever. Software vendors struggle to serve their reseller partners adequately. Partner loyalty hinges on helping resellers thrive in a complex channel ecosystem, but many companies aren’t able to keep up with the latest digital commerce innovations. Isolated, disconnected ecosystems have resulted in diminished loyalty.

This puts revenue growth, profitability, brand experience and end customer relationships at risk. To thrive in today’s digital market, you must earn partner and consumer loyalty by providing the right sales tools, incentives and integrated technology to empower channel partners. Making it easier for your partners to do business with your brand will ultimately deliver the right purchasing experience to the end customer.

Read the full study for a deeper analysis and actionable strategies on how B2B companies can modernize their channel strategy.