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European Union VAT Change: Preparing for the Upcoming Law Implementation

A Digital River On-Demand Webinar

The new VAT law to be implemented on January 1, 2015, will have major implications for anyone conducting online business in digital services, broadcasting or telecommunications direct-to-consumer in the European Union (EU).  

Digital River's on-demand webinar will discuss some of the significant complexities to this law including:

  • Identifying the transactions subject to the law
  • How to identify and document the location of the customer
  • Dealing with the impact of increased fluctuation in VAT liabilities

For all businesses conducting global ecommerce, understanding who is affected by the law and having a system in place to deal with its ramifications is a new and important priority.

Everyone who downloads the on-demand webinar will receive a copy of Digital River's white paper: Preparing for the 2015 European Union Value Added Tax (VAT) Law Implementation.