The Art and Science of Reducing
Involuntary Subscriber Churn

Forrester Research

More firms are adopting
subscription models

But managing a subscription model requires firms to undergo a fundamental shift of focus from customer acquisition to retention.

If unmanaged, it gets harder and harder to replace the volume of lost customers needed for business growth and profitability


To gain market insights and a deeper understanding from impacted companies, Digital River commissioned a study in the US and Europe with Forrester Consulting


Companies must have the right payments and subscriptions expertise, technologies, tools and communications strategy to effectively manage involuntary churn.


While voluntary churn is associated with perceived product or service value, involuntary churn is most often the result of technology and communication failures that the right tools and strategy can help minimize.

Single Solution

96% of decision-makers recognized that consolidating capabilities into a single solution for subscription billing would improve their ability to involuntary churn--Digital River is one of only a few providers who offers a full-service solution.

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Renew Your Thinking
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