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What game publishers need to know about monetization and fraud

Although the digital games market is monetizing at an unprecedented rate, the competition is getting fiercer as player expectations rise. To maintain profitability, game publishers must engage players longer with a steady stream of content while also investing in proper safeguards to combat gray market fraud.

  • Game makers of all sizes must continue to release and sell a steady stream of in-game content to serve player expectations.
  • There are far more low-priced and freemium game options on PC than console. 
  • Gray market key-reselling sites results in fraudulent activity that hurts publishers' bottom line.
  • Game makers who distribute their own titles must invest in proper payment safeguards to stop fraud at the point of sale. 
  • Virtual items are becoming more valuable to players and fraudsters, so developers need safeguards to protect player accounts.

Scott Davis, Director, Games and Entertainment, Digital River
Joost van Dreunen, CEO & Co-Founder, SuperData Research

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